Our Promise

Highest reliablility at the edge of your network even in toughest conditions

RCIS - Rugged Cisco IoT Switch für Smart City, Urban Infrastructure und Industrie

Durable Ethernet switches
for smart infrastructure & critical networks

RuggedWire provides rugged, compact and secure Ethernet switches, which guarantee reliable Gigabit Ethernet connectivity at edge of critical infrastructure and enterprise networks. Our products resist rough environmental conditions for industrial and outdoor applications as key enabler for truly dependable Internet-of-Things (IoT).

Small form factors, smart fitting systems and wide range AC power input allow easy installation within light poles, as smart infrastructure in cities, along roads & railways and as part of industrial and critical networks. Applications are connected with secure gigabit networks and are provided with DC power over the same wire according to PoE+ standard. Automated network configuration and system management by Cisco DNA centres result in minimum operational effort and maximum resilience and IT security.

Our Product

RCIS - Rugged Cisco IoT Switch für Smart City, Urban Infrastructure und Industrie

RCIS – Rugged Cisco IoT Switch

  • Rugged with highest reliability
  • High speed Gigabit Ethernet
  • Power over Ethernet PoE+
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Native Cisco DNA center intergration
  • Cisco IOx edge compute framework
  • Highest IT security
  • Low life-cycle cost
Your Applications

Secure and reliable performance
for your network edge

Challenging environmets at industrial and remote locations, such as humidity, dust, corrosives, extreme temperatures, electromagnetic interferences, space limitations often prohibit successful IoT implementations. RuggedWire integrates market leading embedded network solutions to the next level to serve IoT, safety and security critical applications with high-speed connectivity. RuggedWire products are designed for integration at the edge of your network and provide secure, reliable and simple to manage access for applications such as:

      • integrated multi-functional lamp posts, smart urban and road/railway infrastructure
      • edge node for autonomous driving infrastructure
      • centrally managed and adaptive lighting
      • displays for smart signing & advertisement
      • public WiFi access points
      • 5G micro cells
      • cameras and environmental sensors
      • parking management systems
      • emergency systems
      • E-charging infrastructure
      • drone control, landing and charging systems
      • smart grid infrastructure
      • smart transportation infrastructure and traffic management systems
Our Mission

We integrate market leading embedded solutions to the next level
for IoT, safety and security critical applications.